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Privacy Policy – Terms and Conditions

1.      Data Protection Notice

MAJOR SERVICES INTEGRATED S.R.L. (hereinafter referred to as “MAJOR SERVICES INTEGRATED” or “We” or “Us”) appreciates your visit to our internet pages and mobile applications (together referred to as “Online Offers”) and your interest in our company and our products.


2.      MAJOR SERVICES INTEGRATED respects your privacy

Protecting your private life throughout the processing of personal data, as well as the security of all business data, is a significant concern for us. We maintain the confidentiality of the personal data collected during your visit to the Online Offers and process it only in accordance with legal regulations.

Data protection and information security are part of our corporate policy.


3.      Controller

MAJOR SERVICES INTEGRATED is the controller responsible for the processing of your data; exceptions are outlined in this data protection notice.

Our contact details are as follows:

Fundeni Road, no. 227, Sector 2, Bucharest, Romania

Tax Identification Number: 47325793, J40/24531/2022

Phone 0722 547 516

4.      Collection, processing and use of personal data

  • Categories of data processed

The following categories of data are processed:

  • Communication data (e.g., name, phone, e-mail, address, IP address)
  • Main contractual data (e.g., contractual relationships, contractual or product-related interests)
  • Customer history
  • Contract accounting and payment data
  • Planning and regulatory data
  • Transaction data
  • Provided information (from third parties, e.g., credit institutions or from public registers)
  • Personal data from driving licenses and passport/ID card


  • Principles

Personal data is all information relating to an identified or identifiable person and includes, for example, names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, main contractual data, contract accounting and payment data, being an expression of a person’s identity.

We collect, process and use personal data (including IP addresses) only when there is a legal basis for this or if you have given your consent for the processing or use of personal data concerning this matter, for example, through registration.


  • Data processing objectives and legal bases

We and the service providers employed by us process your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Providing these Online Offers (Legal basis: justified interest on our part for direct marketing, insofar as this occurs in accordance with data protection legislation and competition law).
  • Providing these Online Offers and performance of a contract under our contractual conditions (Legal basis: performance of a contract).
  • Providing these Online Offers and performance of a contract under our contractual conditions, including regularization. Regularization may include the sale of receivables. (Legal bases: performance of a contract and/or our justified interest in the efficient management of receivables in relation to their sale).
  • Determining disturbances/disruptions and for security reasons. (Legal bases: fulfillment of legal obligations to ensure data security and justified interest in resolving disturbances/disruptions and security of our offers).
  • Self-promotion and promotion by others, as well as market research and scope-legal analytics (Legal bases: justified interest on our part for direct marketing, to the extent that this takes place in accordance with data protection legislation and competition law).
  • Customer or product surveys conducted by mail (Legal bases: our justified interest in improving products/services). Note: If we commission a market research institute to carry out surveys, this institute will only act based on the assignment received and will follow our instructions.
  • Customer or product opinion polls conducted by email and/or telephone, provided that you have expressly agreed to this. (Legal basis: consent). Note: If we commission a market research institute to carry out surveys, this institute will only act based on the assignment received and will follow our instructions.
  • Sending an email or SMS/MMS newsletter, with the recipient’s consent. (Legal basis: consent).
  • Securing and asserting our rights. (Legal basis: justified interest on our part in securing and asserting our rights).


  • Log files

Every time you use the internet, your browser transmits certain information which we store in so-called log files.

We only save log files for a short period to determine disturbances and for security reasons (for example, to clarify attack attempts) and then delete them. Log files that need to be kept as evidence are excluded from the deletion rule until the respective incident is fully resolved and may, depending on the case, be passed on to investigation authorities.

Log files are also used for analysis purposes (with or without a complete IP address). See Web Analysis Module.

The following information is particularly saved in the log files:

  • The IP address (internet protocol address) of the terminal used to access the Online Offers;
  • The internet address of the website from which the Online Offer was accessed (so-called origin URL or referral URL);
  • Name of the service provider used to access the Online Offer;
  • Name of the files or information accessed;
  • Date and time, as well as duration of retrieval;
  • Amount of data transferred;
  • Operating system and information about the internet browser used, including installed add-ons (for example, Flash Player);
  • Http status code (for example, “Request successful” or “File not found”).


  • Children

This Online Offer does not target children under the age of 16.


  • Data transfer

Transfer of data to other controllers

Personal data is transmitted to other controllers primarily only when necessary for the execution of a contract, when we or the third party has a legitimate interest in the transfer, or if you have given your consent. Details on the legal bases can be found in the Processing Objectives and Legal Bases (Article 4.3) section. When data is transferred to third parties on the basis of a legitimate interest, this is explained in this data protection notice.

In addition, data may be transferred to other controllers when we are required to do so under applicable legal regulations or administrative or judicial orders.


  • Service Providers (General)

We have hired external service providers for tasks such as sales and marketing services, contract management, payments, programming, data hosting, and helplines. We have carefully selected these service providers and review them periodically, especially with regard to their efficient handling and protection of the saved data. All service providers are obliged to maintain confidentiality and comply with legal provisions.


  • Transfer to recipients outside the EEA

We can also transfer personal data to recipients located outside the EEA, in so-called third countries. In such cases, before the transfer, we ensure that the data recipient ensures an adequate level of data protection (for example, as a result of a decision of adequacy by the European Commission for the respective country or an agreement with the recipient based on so-called EU model clauses) or that you have given your consent to the transfer.

You have the right to receive an overview of recipients in third countries and a copy of the specifically agreed provisions ensuring an adequate level of data protection. To do this, use the details in the Contact section.


  • Storage duration, retention periods

In principle, we store your data as long as necessary to provide our online offers and associated services or as long as we have a legitimate interest in storing them (for example, we may still have a legitimate interest in postal marketing after a contract has been executed). In all other cases, we delete your personal data, except for those that we have to store in order to fulfill legal obligations (for example, we are obliged to provide documents such as contracts and invoices for a certain period of time due to retention periods under tax and commercial law).


5.      Use of cookies

  • General Information

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer when you visit an online offer. If you access this online offer again, your browser sends the content of the cookies back to the respective provider, thereby allowing the reidentification of the terminal. Reading cookies allows us to optimally design our online offers for you and make it easier for you to use them.


  • Deactivation and deletion of cookies

When you visit our web pages, you will be asked in a pop-up window whether you agree with the use of cookies on our page or want to deactivate them in the settings.

If you decide to block cookies, your browser has a blocking option. This cookie has the sole purpose of assigning your objection. Deactivating cookies may disable individual functions of our internet pages. Please note that, for technical reasons, a blocking cookie can only be set for the browser that was used to set it. If you delete cookies or use another browser or another terminal, you must block them again.

Preferences do not apply to cookies that are set during your visits to third-party websites by other providers.

Your browser allows you to delete all cookies at any time. For this, please refer to the help functions of your browser. However, this can cause individual functions to be unavailable.

In addition, you can manage and disable third-party cookies on the following web page:

Since we do not operate this website, we are not responsible and cannot influence its content and availability.


  • Overview of the cookies we use

In this section, you can find an overview of the cookies we use.

  • Absolutely necessary cookies

Certain cookies are necessary to be able to provide our online offers securely. This category includes, for example:

  • Cookies that identify or authenticate our users;
  • Cookies that temporarily save certain user input;
  • Cookies that store certain user preferences (such as search or language settings);
  • Cookies that store data to ensure the unobstructed playback of video or audio content.


  • Analytical cookies

We use analytical cookies to record the user behavior (for example, clicked advertising banners, searches made) of our users and evaluate it statistically.


  • Advertising cookies

We also use cookies for advertising purposes. User behavior profiles created with such cookies (for example, clicked advertising banners, visited subpages, searches made) are used by us to display advertisements or offers that are tailored to your interests (“interest-based advertising”).


  • Conversion cookies

Our conversion tracking partners set a cookie on your computer (“conversion cookie”) if you came to our website via an advertisement from the respective partner. These cookies usually expire after 30 days. If you visit certain pages that we host and the cookie has not yet expired, we and the respective conversion tracking partner can see that a certain user clicked on the ad and was redirected to our page. The information collected through the conversion cookie is used to compile conversion statistics and determine the total number of users who clicked on the respective advertisement and were redirected to a page equipped with a conversion tracking tag.


  • Tracking cookies in conjunction with social plugins

Certain pages of our online offers integrate content and services from other providers (for example, Facebook, Twitter), which in turn may use cookies and active components. MAJOR SERVICES INTEGRATED S.R.L. cannot influence the processing of personal data carried out by these providers. Find out more details about social plugins in the Social Plugins section.


6.      Web Analysis

We need statistical information about the use of our online offers in order to design them to be more user-friendly, to carry out range measurements and market research.

In this regard, we use the web analysis tools described in this section.

The user profiles created by these tools using analytical cookies or by analyzing log files do not contain personal data. The tools either do not use IP addresses at all or immediately shorten them when collecting data.

The tools provide processed data only for processors that comply with our directives and not for their own purposes.

Below you can find information about each tool and how you can object to the collection and processing of data by the respective tool.

Please note that with regard to tools that use blocking cookies, the blocking function affects a device or browser and is thus valid for the terminal or browser used at the time. If you use multiple terminals or browsers, you must block each device and each browser.

Otherwise, you can generally avoid creating user profiles by disabling the use of cookies; for this, see the Deactivation and deletion of cookies section.


  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics is provided by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (“Google”). We use Google Analytics with the additional function offered by Google for anonymizing IP addresses. During this time, Google shortens the IPs within the EU in most cases, but only does this in exceptional cases in the United States, and in both regions only saves the shortened form of the IP addresses.

You can object to the collection or processing of your data using the following link to download and install a browser plugin:


7.      Social Plugins

In our online offers, we use so-called social plugins from various social networks; these are described individually in this section.

During the use of the plugins, your browser establishes a direct connection with the servers of the respective social network. In this way, the respective provider receives information that your browser has accessed from our online offers site, even if you do not have a user account with this provider or are not logged into the account at that time. The log files (including the IP addresses) are transmitted directly from your browser to the respective provider and can be stored there. The provider or its servers may be located outside the EU or EEA (for example, in the United States).

Plugins are individual extensions provided by social network providers. For this reason, we cannot influence the extent of the data collected and stored by them.

You can find the purpose and extent of the collection, processing, and continued use of the data by the social network, as well as your rights and setting options for protecting your privacy by consulting the data protection notices of the respective social network.

In the event that you do not want the social network providers to receive and, if necessary, store or use data, you should not use the respective plugins.

By using the so-called two-click solution (provided by Heise Medien GmbH & Co. KG) we protect you against the implicit recording and processing of your visit to our web pages by social network providers. When using one of our internet pages that contain such plugins, these are initially deactivated. The plugins will only be activated when you click on the provided button.


  • Facebook Plugins</li

Facebook is operated at by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA and at by Facebook Ireland Limited, Hanover Reach, 5-7 Hanover Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland (“Facebook”). You can find an overview of Facebook plugins and their appearance here:; you can find information about data protection on Facebook here:


  • Google+ Plugins

Google+ is operated by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (“Google”). You can find an overview of Google plugins and their appearance here:; you can find information about data protection on Google+ here:

  • Twitter Plugins

Twitter is operated by Twitter Inc., 1355 Market St, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA (“Twitter”). You can find an overview of Twitter plugins and their appearance here:; you can find information about data protection on Twitter here:

  • Instagram Plugins

Instagram is operated by Instagram LLC., 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA (“Instagram”). You can find an overview of Instagram plugins and their appearance here:; you can find information about data protection on Instagram here:


8.      External Links

Our online offers may include links to third-party websites – providers who are not associated with us. After you click on the link, we have no influence over the collection, processing and use of personal data transmitted by clicking the link to the third party (such as the IP address or the URL of the site where the link is located), since we cannot, of course, monitor the behavior of third parties. We assume no responsibility for the processing of such personal data by third parties.

9.      Security

Our employees and the companies providing services on our behalf are obliged to ensure confidentiality and comply with the applicable data protection laws.

We take all necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure an adequate level of security and to protect your data managed by us, especially against the risks of destruction, manipulation, loss, illegal or unintentional modification or disclosure or unauthorized access. Security measures are constantly improved in line with technological progress.

10.  User Rights

To exercise your rights, please use the details provided in the Contact section. In this case, make sure that there is a clear possibility of identifying the person.

Right to information and access:

You have the right to receive our confirmation on whether or not personal data are being processed, and if so, access to these data.

Right to rectification and deletion:

You have the right to rectify your incorrect personal data without undue delay. Given the purpose of processing, you have the right to complete incomplete personal data, including by providing an additional statement.

This does not apply to data required for billing and accounting or which are subject to the legal retention period. If access to such data is not necessary, their processing is restricted (see below).

Restriction of processing:

You have the right to request – provided legal requirements are met – restriction of processing of your data.

Refusal to process data:

You have the right to refuse at any time the processing of data by us. We will no longer process personal data, unless we prove compliance with legal requirements to provide demonstrable reasons for continuing processing, beyond your interests, rights and freedoms or for establishing, exercising or defending legal actions.

Refusal of direct marketing:

In addition, you can refuse at any time the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes. Please note that, for organizational reasons, there may be an overlap between your refusal and the use of the respective data in the course of an already ongoing campaign.

Refusal to process data based on the legal basis of “justified interest”:

In addition, you have the right to refuse at any time the processing of personal data, provided that the legal basis of justified interest applies. In this case, we will cease processing your personal data, except when we can demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds, according to legal requirements, for processing, which override your rights.

Withdrawal of consent:

If you have given your consent to data processing, you have the right to withdraw your consent, with immediate effect. The legality of data processing before revoking the agreement remains unchanged.

  • Data portability:

You have the right to receive the data you have provided us in a common, structured format, which can be read by software – if technically possible – to request the transfer of the respective data to a third party.

  • The right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority:

You have the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority. You can appeal to the supervisory authority with competence at your domicile or in your country or to the supervisory authority responsible in our case. See below:

National Supervisory Authority For Personal Data Processing

B-dul G-ral. Gheorghe Magheru 28-30

Sector 1, postal code 010336

Bucharest, Romania

Phone: +40.318.059.211; +40.318.059.212

Fax: +40.318.059.220




11. Changes to the Data Protection Notice

We reserve the right to modify our security and data protection measures if this is necessary due to technical progress. In such cases, we will appropriately modify the Data Protection Notice. Therefore, please monitor the current version of the Data Protection Notice, as there may be changes.

12. Contact

If you wish to contact us, you can find us at the address presented in the “Controller” section.

For exercising your rights and for suggestions and complaints regarding the processing of your personal data, as well as for withdrawing your consent, we recommend that you contact our data protection officer within the company:

Phone – 0735 860 800

13. Effective Date:


General Terms and Conditions

EvoGo Company offers you a wide and diversified range of cars that can be rented for different periods of time. Renting a car is done by filling out the rental form available on our website (, by sending a request to the email address ( or by phone (tel: +40 735 860 800) through an EvoGo operator. In the rental form/request, the car make and model, rental period, delivery and pickup location, a valid email address and the correct telephone number of the Client will be selected or specified (as applicable).

If you choose to fill out the form available on the website or to send us the request to the email address, you will be contacted as soon as possible by an agent and you will establish the details, which will form the basis of a subsequent rental contract.

The rental contract will specify the rental price which will include RCA insurance, road tax, vignette, tire changing according to the season, replacement of the car in case of breakdown, 24/24 road and technical assistance. In the event that the car needs certain repairs, and EvoGo Company considers that these defects were due to the Client as a result of non-compliance with the conditions provided in this section and/or in the contract, then he will bear the cost of the intervention.

IMPORTANT! The Fetesti – Cernavoda bridge crossing fee is NOT included in the rental contract. This fee is the full responsibility of the user. The fee can be paid by SMS to 7577 by sending the registration number and then figure 1 for each crossing (example B380EVO 1) or on the website If it is omitted, a fine will be issued and upon its arrival you will be contacted to pay it.

The price for renting a car is set in EURO and will be fully paid in LEI. It will be calculated in LEI, at the official BNR rate, valid on the day of issuing the invoice and/or delivering the car. If you opt to pay for the car rental with a debit card, then the payment will be made in LEI at the BNR rate set by the card issuer. The price will not include additional fees outside those established in the contract.

Also, to confirm the reservation, the Client will pay an advance of 100 EURO by bank transfer. This is the only way we can ensure that it is not a false reservation. The difference will be paid in cash at the moment the car is delivered or by bank transfer at least 2 (two) days before delivery. If the Client cancels the reservation, the advance is not refunded.

In the case of confirmed reservations, EvoGo reserves the right to cancel them, without refunding the amounts in case of cash advance, if the Client delays picking up the car by more than 3 hours from the agreed time, without prior notice.

At the same time, the Client may request additional features for the car, namely: child seat, GPS system, car chains, portable luggage rack. Certain fees are charged for these additional features, depending on their specifics.

The long-term rental service will save you from the following obligations: obtaining leasing, taxes, insurance, repairs, maintenance, and payment for this service will consist of a monthly rate. Thus, if the rental is long-term, then a monthly rate will be set which will not support fluctuations or changes during the rental period.

Also, the Client may extend the duration of the rental period, but only with the written agreement of the rental company. A delay in returning the car on time, without notifying the rental company in advance, can bring repercussions against the Client. At the moment when the Client does not have an agreement on extending the rental term, then the rental company can set a different rate for the late days. Also, EvoGo can file a criminal complaint for breach of contract and attempted theft.

In the event that, the Client opts for the returnable guarantee type insurance in the form of a deposit, at the time of delivery of the car, in addition to the rental cost, the corresponding guarantee will also be requested. This will be recovered at the time of returning the car. In the event that, the car will not be returned in good condition, then EvoGo reserves the right to use the guarantee to repair the damages caused by the Client to the car during the rental period.

To rent a car from our fleet, you need to have the following documents:
• The identity document / passport in original – copies are not accepted;
• The driving license, Romanian or foreign, in original – a copy is not accepted.
The driving license held by the Client must correspond to the category of the car that is to be driven by the Client.

Also, you should know that the minimum age for renting a car is 25 years, and the driver’s license must be at least 3 years old. Also, the driver must be the holder of a valid national and / or international driving license. The international license is mandatory for documents issued in countries with a different writing than the Latin alphabet and for those obtained by driving a car with the steering wheel on the right, example: UK, India, Australia, Japan). The driving license together with an identity document, must be presented in original at the time of delivery of the car and signing the Contract.

In case you want, you can also opt for an additional driver, the contractual conditions for this option remaining unchanged.

Driving the vehicle is only permitted to persons authorized by EvoGo and mentioned in the Contract.

The delivery of the rental car will be made according to the data established in the contract. The rental car delivery locations can be:
• Otopeni Airport

  • Unirii Square
  • EvoGo Headquarters
  • A location in Bucharest indicated by the Client and established in advance with our agents

After meeting the Client with our agent, the rental contract will be signed, the rental price and the deposit (guarantee) will be paid as the case may be, and the Client will take possession of the rented car.
When the car is handed over to the Client, he will have a copy of the registration certificate, RCA insurance and all other corresponding equipment (medical kit, jack, etc). Also, the car will be in perfect working order, having no technical defects. The car will correspond both aesthetically and technically to the rental contract.

Upon the delivery of the car, the Client must verify and ensure that the car corresponds to the contractual terms and is equipped as specified in the contract. In case of a discrepancy, the Client must notify the agent and mention these discrepancies in the contract. Otherwise, if defects are discovered by the Client over time, these will not be considered as it is assumed that if you checked the car upon receipt and the defects were not mentioned, the car is in accordance with the signed contract.

The return of the car is done at the time and on the day mentioned in the rental form / request. Any change must be communicated in a timely manner and approved by the EvoGo operator. The car must be returned in good condition, and with a full tank. Otherwise, a fee of 800 RON will be charged to the Client.

Also, it is recommended that the car be refueled only at PETROM and OMV gas stations. In the situation where the car is fueled with poor quality fuel, the car risks defects in the injection pumps and poor engine performance.

The Client is informed that he is not allowed to leave the country with the rented car, only with prior notification, at least 5 (five) working days, and subsequently, with the written agreement of EvoGo. Any attempt to leave the country’s territory without the written agreement of EvoGo, may be considered theft and will be reported to the Police.

The Client has the obligation to operate the vehicle under normal conditions and to keep the vehicle he uses in a constant state of hygiene and cleanliness, both interior and exterior. Regardless of the type of warranty chosen (including in the case of full SCDW insurance), the client will be charged a fee of 200 EUR for detailing in the following cases:

a) transportation of animals;

b) inappropriate use of the vehicle such as for the transport of any kind of machinery, tools or materials that can dirty the vehicle (agricultural machinery, construction tools and materials) or transport of biological waste, forestry and agricultural residues;

c) soiling the vehicle and/or upholstery with substances such as: wine, chocolate or various other foods, coffee, wax, paints, stomach contents, urine, blood, mud or through inappropriate use of writing or painting tools, such as pens, markers, watercolors etc.

Also, the Client has the obligation not to drive the vehicle outside the paved surfaces, on unpaved, unsealed, closed to public roads. Otherwise, EvoGo will collect the repair value, regardless of the type of warranty chosen by the client (including in the case of full SCDW insurance), with prior notification to the Client.

In the situation where, the Client causes damage to the upholstery or any other element of the vehicle, with cigarettes and/or other smoking instruments and/or with sharp objects, the CASCO insurance will not cover these damages, and they will be paid by the Client with the sum of 1000 EUR.

In the case of loss of car documents or car keys, a penalty of 600 EUR will be applied.

In case of an accident, you must declare the accident to the Police, regardless of whether you are the victim, guilty, involved. The Police statement is mandatory to determine who will bear the repair costs of the car. If the accident is caused by the Client, and he did not opt for full CASCO insurance, then the repair will be borne by him. And in case it is found that, the Client consumed alcohol or other pills that led to disturbances, or that the car was driven by another driver, the Client is the one who will bear the repair costs.

In the event that the Client breaches traffic regulations, they are also responsible for any fines that will be sent to the company’s address. These fines will be forwarded to the Client, who is obliged to pay them. A supplemental fee of 50 euros will be applied for each received fine. Delaying the payment of the total amount (fine + additional fee) by more than 10 days from receiving the notification will result in penalties of 1% per day, these penalties could exceed the remaining balance.

When you choose to rent a car, you acknowledge that you agree with all the contractual clauses, terms and conditions of the EvoGo rental company. By completing and booking a car from our website, via email or telephone, you confirm that you have read and agreed to the conditions set out by us.

The contractual clauses include information from the following documents: Car Rental Contract, Rental Terms and Conditions and all specifications from the Contract’s Annexes.

These conditions are compulsory and must be complied with in order to rent a car from EvoGo by Romanian or foreign natural/legal persons.

There are certain general rules for the rented car, namely:
a) The Client will take care to fuel the car with the type of fuel specific to its model and make;

b) The Client is not allowed to make or allow any technical or aesthetic interventions on the vehicle;

c) The Client is not allowed to carry out repairs on the rented car;

d) The Client is not allowed to sell or alienate the rented car;

e) The Client will not exceed the legally permitted number of passengers in the rented car;

f) The Client is not allowed to execute irregular transports or transports that exceed the weight and/or legal gauge of the vehicle;

g) The Client will not use the car for transporting people for income purposes, transporting toxic substances, in competitions, etc.

h) The Client will not cause any kind of damage to the car;

i) The Client will not use the car off public roads;

j) The Client must hand over to the rental company, in case of theft, the car’s documents, its keys and the report issued by authorities.

The Client is obliged to notify EvoGo at least 24 hours in advance, by any means that can be proven in this respect, including mobile phone or email about any discrepancies, incidents, malfunctions or changes.

  1. Right to recover the vehicle: EvoGo reserves the right to recover the rented vehicle at any time, without prior notice and without specifying a reason, even if the contractual period is not yet over. This clause applies regardless of the means by which the client contacted and concluded the rental contract with EvoGo.
  2. Customer Agreement: By contacting EvoGo through any means (booking a car on our website, via email or phone), the customer confirms that they have read, understood, and accepted the terms and conditions stipulated by EvoGo, including those on the page
  3. Rental Terms and Conditions: The rental terms and conditions include, but are not limited to, the Rental Agreement, Rental Terms and Conditions, and all specifications in the Annexes to the Agreement. By accepting these terms and conditions, the customer acknowledges and agrees to all relevant documents and annexes.
  4. Compliance with Conditions: The customer agrees to comply with all the conditions and clauses specified in the rental agreement and associated documents, including but not limited to the privacy policy and terms and conditions. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in EvoGo reclaiming the vehicle and applying penalties or damages as per the contractual provisions.
  5. Applicability of Conditions: These conditions apply to all individuals or legal entities, Romanian or foreign, who rent a car from EvoGo. By entering into the rental agreement, the customer confirms that these conditions are mandatory and must be adhered to throughout the duration of the contract.