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Long term Car Rental

For periods exceeding 90 days, please request the personalized long-term car rental offer at:
Phone: 0735 860 800

EvoGo offers a long-term car rental service at the best prices and adapted to every budget. Whether we are talking about individuals or companies, we support our clients with the best offers and a diverse range of cars.

We have a complete and diversified car park; our company offers everything from economy cars to SUVs. Also, delivery services (pick-up and handover) at home or at the airport are free and do not include additional fees.

It is recommended to make a reservation for long-term car rental services in order to benefit from the desired car. If you want to rent a car for a longer period of time and it is not in our car fleet, we can arrange this car for you.


The costs are constant, the monthly rates being fixed throughout the rental period. Monthly rates include all taxes and costs. Also, the monthly installments cover the payment of annual taxes, insurances, tolls and related taxes, or consumables, such as tires, periodical revisions, ITP inspections.

If the rented car will have technical problems during the rental period, then we will offer another car instead, without paying any additional fees. This car can be used during the entire period in which the other car is under repair.

The budget for long-term car rental is smaller. You will only need to pay an advance of 100 euros for the car rental and you won’t have to worry about the rental price increasing or incurring additional fees.

Save time and money with the long-term car rental service offered by EvoGo. You will also benefit from other financial and operational advantages.


  • Cars will not be included in the company's balance sheet
  • Financing through this type of leasing will not affect the degree of indebtedness of the company
  • The risks of the car devaluing are minimal
  • The maintenance and upkeep of the car will be borne by EvoGo
  • Maintenance costs will not be borne by the client's company
  • VAT is included in the price of the car
  • The car will be replaced if it needs maintenance or other repairs


You won’t have to worry about paying taxes and fees
You will not lose time for car maintenance, repairs, payment of insurance or road tolls
You can give up the rented car and opt for another one, the contractual terms being renegotiated
This type of long-term car rental is the optimal solution to benefit from complete and valuable services for your company


  • Traction: Front or 4x4, according to preference
  • Transmission: automatic or manual
  • Engine: petrol or diesel


*Costs and taxes for long-term car rental rates do not include the fuel.

  • Taxes for VAT and CASCO Insurance
  • Fees for RCA insurance and road tolls
  • Cost of Technical Reviews
  • Summer/winter tire change

Choosing the long-term car rental service is the best solution for small and medium-sized companies. These services will save you from the high rates involved in a financial leasing. The Long-term rent a car service is ideal for companies that need certain cars depending on the season or depending on the ongoing project. This will lead to increased efficiency, but also to increased comfort.

If you want to rent a car in the name of a legal entity, you must provide the following documents: the last balance sheet, a copy of the administrator’s ID card and a copy of the company’s Registration Certificate.

The first step of a long-term car rental is filling out the rental form. Depending on the data provided, we can make a calculation based on the kilometers you will cover, the car brand, the car model and the rental period.

At the same time, each customer can opt for a service package that corresponds to his requirements, for example: you can benefit from an all-inclusive package or packages that correspond only to certain facilities and equipment of the cars.

By choosing a long-term car rental company, you will benefit from the reduction of the time allocated for the inspection of the cars, for the repairs that are necessary, the reduction of the time for the payment of taxes and fees, and this time can be used for daily activities. As a company, managing your own car fleet can sometimes cost not only time, but also a lot of money.

Also, you don’t have to take care of car maintenance, payment of RCA and CASCO insurances, payments of road tolls, changing tires and adapting them according to the activities undertaken. These endeavors can temporarily detach you from the focus on your company. Why not facilitate your activities? Why not materialize the time to be able to do something constructive for your company?

Contacting a long-term car rental company will make your daily activities easier and you will forget about these worries. Our diversified car fleet allows you to choose the car you need to carry out your activity. You can contact us both by phone and through the website. By filling out the rental form, you will reserve the desired car, and we will answer you as soon as possible with a cost quotation and all the necessary details.


Our company is specialized in providing efficient car rental services that meet the needs of our customers. We are aware of the fact that the management of your company’s finances and schedule are important matters that require effort. EvoGo are more than happy to offer you an advantageous service for you or your company. Choose the long-term car rental Bucharest service offered by us, so that you can take care of your business development.

We offer you a simple and beneficial long-term car rental formula: you choose the cars you want, set the rental period, pay a monthly fixed rate and then you can freely use the cars offered by us. The model of the service we propose is like the operational leasing one. The difference is in the fact that you can rent the cars for a period of at least three months, compared to twelve months in the case of the proper operational leasing service. This fact is very useful approach if you need to expand your car fleet for a limited period.

EvoGo offers services adapted both for individuals who want to use a car fleet for a longer period of time, as well as for companies that need long-term car rentals. The main advantage of this type of service is that the price is lower, if you rent the vehicles for a longer period of time. The monthly rate will be calculated according to the usage requirements of the chosen cars. You will benefit from predictability, clear costs and transparency. Our company’s mission is to offer quality services so that you are satisfied.

Here are the advantages offered by EvoGo:

Financial predictability and safety
Long-term savings
New and insured car fleet
Immediate replacement of the car
Guaranteed maintenance of vehicles
Contract flexibility

As you can see, there are many benefits to enjoy when you opt for a long-term car rental service. We remove financial risks and offer you an easier launch pad for your business. You no longer have to stress about the maintenance and management of a car fleet, or its inherent costs. Everything is simpler and more efficient when we lend you a helping hand in carrying out this endeavor.


Would you like to benefit from car rental services for a long period of time and at favorable prices? Nothing easier; choose the offer presented by EvoGo and you will be able to focus on your business, without worrying about other logistical aspects. In practice, you will outsource a service that will be professionally and promptly administered by us. Paying a long-term installment will ensure a full deduction of costs.
Our company follows this type of business, because it wants to offer you a beneficial and accessible service. Get in touch with us and find out about our offer. Let us know for how long do you want to benefit from the rental service and we will calculate together the fixed rate that you have to pay. If you like our offer, we will draw up the rental contract. The main advantage is the reduced monthly cost compared to purchasing a car. Of course, this also depends on the period you want to rent. The longer it is, the lower the monthly rate will be.
We can tell you from our own experience that most companies, starting from small transport companies to multinationals, choose this type of service, and even individuals who need a car for a certain period of time. At the end of the rental period, you can choose to extend and renegotiate the contract, if you still need the car. We will make you a personalized offer, which will surely please you and hope will make you loyal:

Plata asigurarilor obligatorii (RCA) si optionale (CASCO)
Revizia anuala suportata de noi
Plata impozitelor suportata de noi
Schimbarea anvelopelor suportata de noi
TVA-ul inclus in pretul masinii
Negociere la reinnoirea contractului

Being a company specialized in long-term car rentals, with an operational leasing model, EvoGo can provide a complete fleet management service. We offer long-term car rentals for persons as well as for companies. You don’t have to stress about other inconveniences and, in this way, you can optimize your costs with the purchase and maintenance of the car fleet. At the end of the contract, it is not necessary to purchase any vehicle. The cars will be returned to our company, if you no longer wish to benefit from the EvoGo services.

We also inform you that we have a diversified car park, with vehicles that are part of almost all classes and offered by the most competitive car dealers on the market. Thanks to the fruitful collaboration with them, we can offer you a diverse range of cars at affordable prices. Also, we collaborate with a competent and reliable car service in Bucharest, for vehicle maintenance, repairs or any unforeseen situation that may arise.

Choose the ideal solution for car leasing Bucharest, choose EvoGO!

EvoGo is one of the most competitive companies when it comes to car rental services. Having a vast experience in the field, we work with a multitude of clients and companies to whom we offer personalized services according to their needs. The advantages of choosing such an offer are countless. If you opt for such a service, you will save money and time to focus on developing your personal business.

Thus, all you have to do is choose the long-term car rental service offered by EvoGo, so that everything is easy and efficient. Contact us and request an offer tailored to your needs!