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    Rent a car Bucharest


    EvoGo offers professional solutions and car rental services to those who need our help. The main objective is to satisfy the needs of the customers; therefore, we offer them optimal solutions regarding rent a car Bucharest or rent a car Otopeni Airport service.


    EvoGo car rentals offers high quality services, fully guaranteeing the safety of the clients we collaborate with. The diverse range of cars that are available to our clients is technically checked, ensuring protection and offering safety to those who will rent one of our cars.


    Renting and handing over the cars can be done in several locations in Bucharest, in order to facilitate the customers' access to our services, but also to offer them good conditions for carrying out the activities they undertake, without having to deviate from their daily schedule.


    Among the facilities offered by EvoGo car rental Bucharest company you can find:

    • A diversified car fleet - because we think about the requirements of our customers
    • Technical support - in case of technical failure, you will receive assistance
    • Road taxes paid - you don't have to worry about any tolls
    • Full tank – you rent and return the car with a full tank
    • The cars are well maintained and adapted to customer requirements
    • The reservation of a car can be made by paying an advance of 100 euros.
    • Possibility to rent a car without guarantee, with full SCDW insurance
    • We come to your support with diversified payment methods


    Does taxi fees and the conditions offered by public transport scare you? The best solution is to contact a car rental Bucharest company. You will have the desired car at your disposal and at an affordable price, for a period of time set by you. You will benefit from free delivery and handover of any car from our range of cars. Our car park is of high quality, the vehicles being kept in optimal conditions.

    Because we care about our customers and want to offer them the best services, we make sure that the rental process is as direct, comfortable and fast as possible, and that it takes place in the most advantageous conditions for them. We offer our clients multiple possibilities for car pick up, and also for car return. The customer will be able to opt for the personal pick-up of the vehicle from one of our locations, and also can opt for the handover of the car by one of our agents, at a chosen point, previously established with us.


    If you want to rent a car at a reasonable price in Bucharest or directly at the Otopeni airport, we offer you the best and most efficient solutions. With a diverse range of cars and affordable prices, we come to meet your needs and wait for you with a professional rent a car Bucharest service. Enjoy unique experiences behind the wheel of one of our cars!


    EvoGo offers you a diverse range of car options, each vehicle having the technical papers and documents necessary to be used in optimal conditions. To find out more information about the car brands, you can access our fleet or contact us at the displayed number. Our colleagues will provide you with all the information you need to benefit from our professional Bucharest rent a car service.

    Also, each car has its own characteristics, that’s why we took care to show our customers not only the details about the car rental process, but also technical facts about the equipment of each car, in order to simplify the customer’s choice and to help him/her make an easier decision.


    A Bucharest rent a car company can provide you with a diverse range of vehicles, regardless of the time of day. By calling our car rental company, you will reduce not only your personal expenses, but also the stress level. You will no longer have to worry about the damage to your personal car due to congested traffic and you will no longer need to use the overcrowded and slow public transport that can delay your activities for the day in progress.

    Therefore, the most efficient solution to move easily in comfort and safety is to rely on the services offered by Evogo, because a rental car can save you from many inconveniences.


    And because we want to keep our customers loyal, we offer affordable car rental prices. In addition to an unbeatable fee, our offer also contains some indispensable options enabling a comfortable and pleasant rental process. If you use the car rental services offered by us you will benefit from the following benefits:

    • Unlimited number of kilometers
    • RCA and CASCO insurance included
    • Road tax included
    • Free delivery to Otopeni Airport
    • Car wash included
    • 24/7 telephone assistance
    • Repair and troubleshooting


    Are you looking for a fast and efficient car rental service? Nothing easier! We will offer you an excellent opportunity for a pleasant experience, which will satisfy your mobility needs. We are among the most sought-after companies on the market. We offer you a car rental service oriented to your requirements. Enjoy the pleasure of driving on board of a last generation car and get the most out of your trip with EvoGo.

    We want you to be our next satisfied customer. Thus, we propose you to take the step in choosing an advantageous and efficient offer. We provide you with a safe car rental Bucharest service, which you can easily enjoy. If you come to the country, you can pick up the car from Otopeni airport, and at the end of the rental period you hand it over in several locations in Bucharest, made available by our company.

    You can make the reservation online at any time and choose the car you want, and it will be ready, with a full tank, awaiting to be driven by you.

    Here is a list of advantages offered by EvoGo when you choose to rent a car from us:

    Mandatory (RCA) and optional (CASCO) insurance paid
    Full tank at the beginning of use
    Non-stop telephone service and assistance
    Free delivery and handover to Otopeni Airport or any other location in Bucharest
    Modern fleet in perfect technical condition

    You don’t have to stress about other inconveniences; you will be the only one behind the wheel of a car that will offer you comfort and safety. Contact us to find out any information you need about the service we offer. Tell us what type of car you want, for how long you want the rental period to last, and we will present you with the best options. Our customer service is ready to promptly respond to any concerns you may have.

    rent a car bucharest & otopeni airport


    We are a company specialized in offering capable and accessible rent a car Bucharest services. Our car fleet is constantly checked so that all the details are fine-tuned before use. You can choose to pick up the car depending on the area you are in – from Otopeni Airport or from different places in Bucharest, made available by us. If you wish, we can bring your car to the location of your choice, at no additional cost.

    There are also some small responsibilities that a customer must take into account. The car must be returned with a full tank, the client must ensure its proper use and return it on the set date, in case an extension of the rental period it’s not wanted. But the benefits weigh more in choosing such a service. EvoGo offers you the opportunity of a top driving experience through the rental cars offered. Everything will go smoothly for you.

    EvoGo remains open to efficiently serve the customers who rely on us. We offer mobility services when you want to avoid the high price of taxi trips or the discomfort of public transport. Choose the fastest way to reach your destination safely and comfortably. There is no simpler and more effective formula for you. Join the thousands of customers satisfied with our service and enjoy the trip on board one of the cars offered by EvoGo.


    Ease of booking
    The varied range of cars
    Safety guaranteed for all vehicles
    Flexibility in picking up and handing over cars in various locations

    All our cars are insured, and we offer you technical service in case of malfunctions. You will be able to drive comfortably and without the inherent care of a car owner. Choose the simple and efficient solution of our car hire Bucharest service! There are many benefits for you when we lend you a helping hand in carrying out this endeavor.

    Our strong point is the diverse range of vehicles you can choose from. You can opt for economical cars, which handle ideally in a crowded city. You will be able to drive cars that are equipped with both a classic manual gearbox and an automatic gearbox, for a more relaxed drive. Depending on your requirements, you can choose a gasoline or a diesel car. On the other hand, if you want increased comfort and performance, you can enjoy premium, high-class cars at your disposal. Our fleet of rental cars tries to satisfy the diverse requirements of our customers.


    Our car park has a diversified range of vehicles, offered by the most popular car manufacturers on the market. Thanks to the fruitful collaboration with car dealers, we can offer you modern and reliable cars at affordable prices. You can choose from compact economy vehicles to limousines, vans and imposing SUVs. All these details will make your rental experience go smoothly.

    Also, in order for you to have flexibility and ease in using our car rental service in Bucharest, we are offering some facilities. As soon as you choose the car you want to drive, you will be able to use it freely, without any worries. The cars have all taxes paid (car tax, road tax, mandatory car insurance) and we offer you assistance in case you encounter problems on the road. The cars have all the necessary insurances. Handing over the car can be done in person or with the help of one of the company’s agents.

    You will choose the period in which you want to benefit from the car rental service. EvoGo offers you a car rental Bucharest and Ilfov service that is flexible and adapted to your needs. In addition to the diversified car fleet, another important reason we are valued is our competitiveness. You can rent a car quickly and safely at an excellent price. Depending on the car chosen and the rental period, we will notify you of the value of the service we offer.

    EvoGo Rent a Car Bucharest company offers you a varied range of car brands that meet your requirements. The price for renting a car is clear, without you being charged with additional taxes or fees that do not correspond to the reality found on our website. If you need long-term car rentals or an operational car leasing service, you must know that the price is reduced and you will benefit from an offer that cannot be refused, because the longer the rental period, the lower the daily rental fee.

    Why not take advantage of a well-deserved comfortable car at an excellent price? Why take care of the fuel or worry about the technical faults that your car can endure after a few extra kilometers? Through our car rental Bucharest service, Evogo offers you a diverse range of cars that you can enjoy at the best prices. For professional car rental services, call EvoGo!


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